Every Night is Movienight!

Allmänt / 2013-04-26 / 23:46:41
Back from Paccha!
We spent 4 days in the field and caught 0 parakeets. Whoop!
Fortunately it´s so fun hanging out with Gaby and Kathy that at least I don´t really mind. Poor Michael had to suffer through a minimum of one chickflick per night and more that enough giggling!
I think that all birders know the feeling when you´ve been wanting to see a bird for sooo long, and then suddenly finds it. For me it was like that in Paccha with the Golden-naped Tanager (Tangara ruficervix), it´s a gorgeous little blur bird that I´ve been searching for in Buenaventura for 3 months now. And while waiting at my net the other day it simply jumped out in front of me. The mistnetting in itself wasn´t a huge success either. Three days, and all i got was three birds the first day. Two of them were Montane Woodcreepers (Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger), like you can see on the picture. The other one was a gorgeous hummingbird that you will get to see another day.
The weather in Paccha was crap, pretty much the whole time. To top this of we split up and were guarding mistnets in different areas. So there I was sitting, alone in the rain, watching an empty net, no parakeets in sight. But that´s how it is sometimes.
Something I noticed is that the frogs on the other side of the mountain (cause we we´re actually only 14 km away from out house, but it took us two hours to drive there with the car) are blue instead of green! Anyone who´s good at these dendrobatidae species is welcome to tell me what it is I got pictures of :)
Right now we´re in Piñas and are going to leave Lena at the bus later, cause she´s going home! It´s insane how quickly the time flies by, next sunday I´m flying to Mexico! 

Moster Marie
2013-04-27 / 09:22:18

Hallå tjejen!

Jag förstår att du har det bra på ditt äventyr!
Här hemma har våren börjat så smått...det har varit segt detta året. Alla mår bra och vi längtar efter dej!
Puss o kram

Julia [Stil & Foto]
2013-04-27 / 11:20:03
URL: http://kindofjulia.se

Va mycket fina bilder du har tagit Josefina :) jättekul att få se!

Ha det bra, kram från hela familjen Ivarsson!

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