Kittlar dödsskönt i kistan

Allmänt / 2013-04-01 / 23:57:42

Hey everyone!

I think I´ve already mentioned that our house is full of different kinds of bugs, for example cockroaches. Especially the kitchen is right now totally invaded by teeny tiny ants. They love sugar. And I love sugar. I don´t really love the ants, but they fortunately don´t taste anything ;)

I also remembered that I never uploaded that picture of the house that I promised already in January. But here it comes!
It´s a simple stonebuilding that gets very cold and damp in the evenings. All my stuff got moldy after only a few weeks, so before I go to Mexico (which by the way is only a month from now!) EVERYTHING will have to go into the washing-machine.

Tomorrow we´re going to the lodge, so more pictures and updates then! :)

Kisses to my family and loved ones.


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