Mysteriet I Holk 37

/ 2013-02-27 / 01:15:11

With all these bad news I forgot to tell you the good one!
But first I need to add another downer. Last year they started to give the parakeets two color-rings instead of one, so one thinner one over the normal big one. This year when we started catching the groups we noticed that several of the birds have gotten problems from this, swollen feet and even some with wounds. So we're taking all of them off so that they have only one color-ring. But the first few groups that we caught still have theirs, so we have to catch them a second time.
A few days ago we got up early to catch the group behind the house, which is the really big group that we caught first. To our surprise a flock of 8 birds came to a nearby tree when we started to take the birds out of the nest-box. It happens sometimes that some of the helpers start to sleep somewhere else when the chicks are getting bigger so this wasn't so much of a mystery. It was very tiring for us though since the whole purpose of our early stand-up was to catch the adults. The really perplexing part was that now we expected 6 chicks and 1 adult in the nest, but we found 8 birds! One extra chick! With no rings and no markings! It was ofc an already fledged chick that must come from a natural nest that we haven't noticed in the area. But what made him leave his own group to join this? And how come he was accepted? We gave him rings and markings and took blood- and feather-samples. It's going to be really interesting to see how closely related he is to the other birds. Maybe he's the grandchild of the breeding pair, they've been the same for several years.
Ofc he got the name Mr. X and just that marking on the head!

2013-02-27 / 12:55:45

Who is Mr.X? ;) haha :) love you! <3

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