Natural Nest

Allmänt / 2013-02-02 / 23:39:23
Last week we went to a place quite far away from the reserve, two ecuadorian girls who work for the foundation (Fundación Jocotoco) thought that they had found a natural parakeet-nest. And they had! So here is the first picture I have of the parakeets, taken with my iphone through an old shitty telescope. On monday we´re going to catch the first of our breeding-groups to take blood and feather samples, meassurements and to band them. This we´re going to do with all of the groups, two weeks after the last egg has hatched in the nest. So, on tuesday when I go to the lodge I will hopefully have loads and loads of pictures of the parakeets and the chicks!
This natural nest is in a very tall tree, and really far up! On the other picture you can see Michael up at the entrance, from where I stood I couldn´t even see the bottom of the tree. Fortunately the parakeets are just as happy with the nestboxes at only 3-4 meters above the ground, I don´t think I would ever dare to climb that high!
Today has been a calm and soft day, we only had to go to two different nests to change batteries so we split up and worked really fast. So now we´ve had all afternoon in Piñas, it´s nice not to have to stress with the grocery-shopping, and also we had time to leave the car to be washed. I even got to buy a bra, haha, so you don´t need to send that! I will try to find out an adress to where you can send me books and so :) Last week when we were here I bought a towell from the store next to where we buy all the fruit and vegetables, and today he came up and spoke to me again. We´re obviously friends now, and my friends are also his friends, so Michael and Lena got a bit confused by how he greeted them. I really like the ecuadorians, except ofc for the sleezeballs who try to get your attention by whistling, calling after you or making disgusting kissing sounds. Urk. 
Now we´re going to go somewhere to eat here in Piñas, so maybe you´ll get an update next time about the food here. So far I´ve only eaten at a ecuadorian restaurant once, and they pretty much only had rice with meat and beans. From what Michael tells me, that´s what you can expect, not very exciting. But I don´t feel like cooking today, and it´s my turn. So, rice, meat and beans it is!



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