Back from the dead 2.0

Allmänt / 2013-07-09 / 04:36:38
Hey everyone!
Since the long update I wrote yesterday has mysteriously disappeared, I'm going to try to write a new one.
First off, I apologise for not writing anything for so long. I lost the energy to write when I got here, but I think it might be on it's way back.
Last weekend we released a second flock of 11 macaws out into freedom. Since I wasn't here for the first release, this was a really emotional day for me. The excitement got a bit clouded by the nervosity and worry.  Me and my fellow volunteers had spent 2 months observing these birds and finally made the call about which individuals were ready for release. But what if we were wrong? What if one of them flew too far and got disoriented? What if one of them couldn't fly as good as we thought and crashed into the duck pond? Or even worse into the crocodile lake! As it turned out I didn't have anything to worry about. All 11 macaws are still accounted for and are integrating nicely into the first flock of 15 birds. The first time, in April, 17 macaws were released. 2 of these flew too far and didn't find their way back, fortunately they eventually ended up in the national park where they are now living the good life! The goal is that all of the released macaws will find their way there eventually, but right now we want them to stay around the ecoparque so that we can keep an eye on them and make sure that they are adapting to life in the wild. So far everything is going really good!
My dad was just here on a 2 weeks vacation. It was really nice seeing he again, after being away from home for almost half a year now! It also gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do some of tourist stuff here around Palenque. For example we went to two Mayan archeological sites a bit farther south from here, Yaxchilan and Bonampak (pictures of Yaxchilan in previous blogpost). Both sites are really beautiful and differ quite a lot from the ruins here in Palenque.
On my birthday we went with Kiwi and Dan to two of the nearby waterfalls, it was a really great 21st birthday!
The last thing we did before he went home was to go to San Cristobal de las Casas. My goal with that trip was to visit the Sumidero canyon, but unfortunately the road there was blocked by demonstrating sapatistas, so that was cancelled. San Cristobal is a beautiful colonial city, so we had enough to do there anyway. Museums, shopping and nice dinners made it into a really nice trip to end his visit with.
Bonampak is mostly know for it's three chambers with unbelievably well preserved murials. Really amazing to think of how old these paintings are, and how much they tell us about the lives lived then!
I recommend anyone coming to southern Mexico to visit all three of the archeological sites I've been to so far, It's truly amazing!


Allmänt / 2013-07-08 / 04:15:00
Here are some pictures of the ruins and stucco reliefs in Yaxchilan. To get to the archeological site you had to go up river in a boat for about 20 minutes. It was a beautiful boatride and the river makes up the boundary to Guatemala.

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