The Day That Never Comes

/ 2013-03-17 / 00:22:08

Today I don't feel like doin anything
*whistle whistle*
I just wanna lay in my bed

First day off since beginning of February! Slept until 11 and had a nice long breakfast, drinking coffee on the porch (cause yeah, I drink coffee now).
Unfortunately, then we had to clean or nasty house, it's impossible to keep even acceptable!
Ofc we've had calm days before, maybe just battery-change in one or two nests, but today was the first day when we didn't have to do ANYTHING. Except for cleaning..

Our first mist-netting attempt this season resulted in one parakeet ringed, so it made up at least a little bit from the fiasco with the nest. Last year they caught 7 individuals in nets during the whole season, so for our first try one bird was a success. We also caught a Red-masked Parakeet which was really cool! We we're all surprised by how much larger than the El Oro Parakeet it was. In the field the size-difference isn't at all that apparent.
It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun. The vultures flew really close and even though we see them every day I still think they are really cool! When Gabi and Kati we're there the last time they saw a King Vulture, which is huge! But we weren't so lucky. We did see a Plumbeous Kite, a Barred Hawk and a Barred Forest-falcon, so I was happy! :)

Yesterday we caught one of the three late groups, and on Monday we're catching the other two because they are in the same area. After that we're completely done with the catching of the breeding-groups! Instead we're going to do more attempts with mist-nets in different areas and also going looking for parakeets at higher altitudes. Another thing we would like to try is playback-experiments on the three remaining breeding-groups. We've recorded the calls from groups in different areas. What we're going to do is to play the recordings from a group that the group we're doing the experiment on has most likely never encountered before. Then we're going to video-record the reactions of the birds. I think this might be really interesting and I've never tried anything similar before. It will be a lot of work though, plenty of stuff that we need to bring.

The man holding the Red-masked Parakeet is Don Hernando, he works for the museum in Quito (which is working with Jocotoco) and is here now to help the girls. This was the first time he caught an Aratinga (which is the genus of the bird), so he was very happy :)


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