Up in the air

/ 2013-05-05 / 23:40:55

The Mexico-day is here!
So far I've gone from Guayaquil to Panama City, and now I'm in Mexico City! One more flight and then I'm in Villahermosa where I will be picked up by two other volunteers and then we'll take a taxi to Palenque.

Yesterday I arrived in Guayaquil already at 4 in the afternoon. I spent most of the day in the park Malecon 2000, just like last time. There's a miniature historical museum there were you can learn about the foundation of the city and everything that's happened since.

I like Malecon because of the nice planted areas, where you can even see some nice birds! But also because it's full of security guards, so I feel safe. Yesterday one of the guards asked me why I was walking alone; where was my family!? So he took it upon himself to keep me company for the rest of the evening. A lot more fun than spending it alone in my hotel room, watching ecuadorian tv!

Next update will be from Palenque!! :)


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