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Allmänt / 2013-11-13 / 23:45:00
Since I returned home from Ottenby I've gone back to my old job at Vallby Gård where I take care of the dairy cows. It's a lovely place and I really enjoy working with the cows and calves. One plus is that I mostly work afternoons/evenings, which means I have the earlier parts of the day to do other stuff.
SO, this morning my fingers were itching to do some bird-banding, wich resulted in the decision to go to Fågelcentralen and put up some nets around the bird-feeders together with Tommy, who works there.
The feeders aren't very well-attended so far this winter, but it was still a very pleasant morning with a few different species. I'm happy as long as I catch something more than Great Tits and Blue Tits :)
Male Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)
Robin (Erithacus rubecula). The last two winters a Robin has been staying in the area and frequently visited the feeders, the first winter it was given with a colored plastic ring so that it could be easier recognized. Today I caught a new, un-ringed Robin and it as well got ringed with a colored ring (different color of course!). It will be interesting to see if it decides to stick around for the winter, and also if maybe the other individual returns.
Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus). Without doubt the most adorable of all the European birds!
This picture was taken at Falsterbo Bird Observatory when I visited last autumn, today I didn't have enough time to take photos of the two small fluff-balls that I caught.
The last two days a Hoopoe has been hanging around at a farm just outside of Kungälv. I've seen Hoopoes before both in Sweden and in Spain, but they are such cool birds I wouldn't wanna miss out on the chance to see one this close to home.
I'm hoping for more of these wonderful mornings this winter! :)

2013-11-16 / 23:24:31

Åhh vad stjärtmesar är fina! Hoppas att allt är okey fastän du inte får jobba med fåglar. Kor är också fina...nästan iaf!

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