Beijing Zoo

Allmänt / 2015-02-25 / 10:51:26
It was just as bad as I had expected.

It's an old zoo with many of the old cages still in use. These are small, dirty and often without any type of enrichment or place to hide.
The newer enclosures are larger and better, for example for the Bears and the Giant Pandas.
Many enclosures didn't have any signs at all and a lot of the signs, where they existed, were incorrect. For example there were Wolves where the signs said Black-backed Jackal and Tigers where there should be Lions, the Gorilla House didn't have any Gorillas and I even found a sleeping Arctic Fox in a cage in the Nocturnal House! 
For a zoo that claims that education is one of their missions, they sure make it hard for someone to learn anything from them.

I was not surprised, but still horrified, to see how the Chinese visitors treated the animals. Especially in the Nocturnal House where it for obvious reasons was dark, every other person shone flashlights in the faces of the animals and took pictures with flash, not caring for a second about the well-being of the poor creatures. 
I saw a mother shining a laser pointer at a marmoset, then handing it over to her son, encouraging him to do the same.
No one seemed to notice the millions of signs announcing that it was forbidden to feed or touch the animals.
I suddenly felt very grateful about working at a zoo with such few visitors as Nordens Ark!

The Giant Pandas are the main attraction of the zoo, and my main reason for visiting.

This young Bear is waiting for people to throw food over the glas, what I could see it was sugarcane that they fed it with.

The Polar Bears didn't even have water in their pool.

This elephant had just enough room to turn around.

This Gorilla Passageway, with a picture of an orangutan, is used by the chimpanzees to move between the different enclosures. Confusing?

On my way out I stumbled upon a group of aviary houses that were not shown on any map of the zoo. In one of these houses I found the strangest walk-in-aviary I've ever seen! 
It had Black Storks, Black-faced Spoonbills, three species of Ibis and two species of Heron (with only one representative of each species), Mandarin Ducks, Black-tailed Gulls (one which landed on a woman's head), Spotted Doves, Pekin Robins and, to top it all off, a group of Rose-faced Lovebirds (small African parrots)! I'm sure I would have found more if I'd had stayed there longer, it was crazy! Of course, the signs were hopelessly incorrect.

To sum it all up - Beijing Zoo is the worst zoo I've ever visited.


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