Frozen and Filthy

Allmänt / 2015-01-14 / 13:34:40
Before going on all of my previous trips and projects I've had a lot of time to prepare everything. I decided to go to Ecuador more than a year before actually doing so, and Mexico was at least 6 months. This trip however was completely different. I found out about the project in the end of November and applied on impulse. When I got the message a few weeks later that my application had been accepted, I had less than a month to plan and prepare before I was off. With everything happening so fast I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into, until I was here, in the rural part of the poorest province in China. I'm not saying that more time would have made me change my mind about going, nor that now that I'm here I regret it. Only that I could have been more mentally prepared for the change of lifestyle that I just threw myself into. For example going from showering every day to now living in a house with no running water. Or living in similar weather conditions but without heating in the house. The toilet just being a hole in the cement floor.
It might sound as if I'm complaining or not enjoying this, but it's the opposite. I'm freezing and I'm dirty, but I'm also high on life! This is one of the reasons why I love traveling the way I do, I get to experience firsthand how other people live their lives. It forces me to realize how privileged I am and how grateful I should be of what I have and where I'm from. 

Here's a picture of the house. We live here with the Chen family, none of them speak any English but they are all very nice. Mrs Chen cooks for us and I have to say that the food is the one thing that is way better than I expected it to be! A lot of the vegetables are grown in the big garden next to the house. 

This is our super fierce guard dog!

Bunnies that I think one day might become food. Not really Swedish cage standards...

Pig that I know will become the New Years dinner in February. For now he's the one who eats all of our leftovers.
There are also a group of freeroaming chickens, the only animals here that actually have it better than most chickens in Sweden. The rooster starts calling at 03:00 every night, waking me up every time.. I almost hope he will be food soon to...


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