Allmänt / 2015-01-21 / 10:26:15
The days go by without much to report. I have to confess that the fieldwork is not at all as fun as I thought it would be and I'm starting to get a little bit bored. We catch only a few of the tits every day and the team leader is the only one who bands, measures and takes blood samples from them. And since he doesn't speak any English I can't even help with the writing part!
I've been allowed to "practice" these things on a few Great Tits, which only fuels my frustration since these are skills that I already posses, which I thought was one if the reasons why they chose me in the first place.

The Eastern Great Tit (Parus minor) looks quite different from our Northern one back home, and still it's colorful compared to the species that is found further south!

We spend the entire afternoons walking around searching for nests and most of the time I walk alone. It has therefore started to bother me that we're not in the Dongzhai Natural Nature Reserve, like I was told that we would be. Instead of wandering around in a forest I'm walking between farms, fields and properties. It makes me more than a little bit uncomfortable to be sneaking around someone's house without being able to explain to them what the hell it is that I'm doing there. That every house has at least one, but more likely three, loose guard dogs does not make it better...

I'm starting to run out of clean clothes so today I tried to clean some of the dirty ones. In the cold pond... 


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