Bus-birding in Firts Class

/ 2013-04-15 / 21:50:28

Home sweet home!
That's how I felt last Saturday when we got back to Buenaventura and our house. It feels like I spent almost half of last week in a bus, and actually I did. Me and Lena decided to use our free days to go to Isla de la Plata, instead of hanging around in Yunguilla. Isla de la Plata is a an island which is home to several interesting seabirds and we've been planning to go there ever since January, but never found the time.
The tours to Isla de la Plata goes from a nice fishing town turned into tourist place - Puerto Lopez. And to go there from Yunguilla takes about 10 hours. So in total last week Lena and I spent about 30 hours sitting on our asses, looking out through dirty glass windows. The whole time I was searching for the Little Blue Heron, but without luck, I had to settle for the three egrets; Great Egret, Snowy Egret and Cattle Egret. But three new species that I got very happy about was the Harris' Hawk, Wattled Jacana and Black-necked Stilt. Much more was hard to see from the bus.
On one bus we found this nice embroidery on the seats, and got ourselves a good laugh. I wonder how many of these they produced before realizing the error, if they even have!

I have sooo much to tell you, and show you, but no time today. I'm trying plan my future, figure out what to do after Mexico. Anyone who would like to sponsor me with 10 000 dollars to go studying in Australia? ;)
I've been considering this course for about two years and have decided to apply for next year, hopefully they'll consider my experience sufficient.

I promise next time I have Internet access I will post a lot of pictures from me and Lena's adventure to the coast! :)


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