Last weeks in Mexico!

Allmänt / 2013-08-23 / 05:56:58
Hey again!
Thought that is was time for a new post before heading home, which is happening SOON!!
Since I updated last we have released another 8 macaws (making the total 36) and they are all doing really good. I know I've said it before, but I'm so proud! The other day I saw two of them sitting in a tree munching on it's fruit! Who said that captive bred parrots can't find food in the wild!? It is also nice to see how especially the guys from the first flock are exploring more and more. Almost every day I find macaws in a new tree while when I arrived in May we would know excactly in which tree the different individuals would be perched in the morning. They are also flying more and more just for the sake of flying, not because they are going anywhere. And especially some mornings you can see a flock of almost 20 birds coming together to do some circles over the ponds before splitting up again and return to the trees. It is a truly amazing sight!
It's with mixed feelings I'm leaving Palenque and Mexico. While there are so many things that I will miss (my wonderful friends for example!), I really feel ready to go home! Though of course, home is not where I will be! Before spending all October at Ottenby Bird Observatory I will make time for a week in Ireland and an uspecified amount of days in Stockholm. But from November and onwards I have no idea what I will do, so I think Home is a good place to hang around.
BUT! Before going home, me and The Gang (Kiwi, Dan and Raul) will go on the most amazing adventure! Yucutan here we come! It's a working trip to Xcaret in Playa del Carmen (who is a a partner in the project and breeds the macaws) combined with vacation and field trips. Except for inspecting the next group of macaws that will be sent to Palenque we're going to swim with WHALE SHARKS(!!), visit a Spider Monkey sanctuary and finish off with banding Flamingo chicks in a huuuge colony near Ria Lagartos! And of course, let's not forget to include some partying, Caribbean Style!
I will return to Palenque one day before my flight leaves from Villahermosa. Talk about going out with a BANG!
This beautiful guy is one of many birds I will miss after leaving. I definitely have to come back in a few years to see how they are all doing! 

Moster Marie
2013-08-24 / 19:41:09

Hej där!

Ska bli så kul att få hem dig! Om vi har kräftskiva på Onsala den 7 september...kommer du att vara med då? Fast jag vet att det är många som drar i dej! 😄 Ha det nu så kul resten av tiden och ha en skön resa hem!
Puss o kram
Moster Marie 😄

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