Don´t let the bedbugs bite

Allmänt / 2013-02-17 / 01:00:48
Hey again everyone!
So, the last week we´ve had a bit of trouble, or quite a lot.
First of all I got bitten by something other than mosquitos, the entire back of my thighs and both my feet we´re covered in bites that itched so much I couldn´t sleep at night. Fortunately I got some nice gel at the pharmacy that helped, and since I sprayed my bed I haven´t got any new ones, even though I´m still covered in red marks. But forget what I said in the beginning about the mosquitos not liking me, they apparently changed their minds.
Then the car broke down. At the same time as we have to catch almost all of the groups of course. All the breeding groups have managed to sync, by eggs not hatching and chicks dying, so that all the youngest chicks are the same age in all the nests. We we´re without the car for one week, and had to walk and take the bus to all the breeding areas. You can imagine how keen the bus driver is to stop by the road to pick up three people covered in mud, in the pouring rain.
One night we had to sleep up in the forest, so that we could catch one of the groups in the morning. That was a lovely night, of course the one with the heaviest rainfall so far this season. We we´re kinda dry in our shelter though. But something the heavy rain brings is landslides, huge ones. Most of the time it´s in the same place by the main road, they get cleared away pretty fast since it´s so much traffic along that road. But this night there was one over the small gravel road that leads to where we lived, and that one took two days for them so clear. Which on the other hand didn´t really bother us since we didn´t have a car anyway.
I have loads of pictures I planned to post now, but there´s no USB-port so you´ll have to wait until tuesday, and then I´ll try to upload as much as I can! 
I hope you weren´t too worried when you didn´t get an update last tuesday, but we couldn´t go to the lodge both because of the car and also because we have so so much to do! My body is aching and I´m longing for a day off, maybe that´ll happen in March...
Kisses to all my loved ones <3

Moster Marie
2013-02-17 / 16:19:51

Älskade vän!!
Vilken tur att du har en positiv läggnig...det gäller att se möjligheterna och inte hindren!
Vi pratade om dig igår...fam Degerman och vi var ute på restaurang och firade att Erik blivit ett år äldre.Och vi sa just att bilen gått sönder eller att det var väldigt många fåglar på en gång att jobba med...så vi var inte så oroliga! Men vi ser fram emot bilder.
Sköt nu om dej och många pussar o kramar ifrån oss alla här hemma i Götet!!

Marie :-)

Svar: Alskade Moster! Tack for alla kommentarer, blir sa glad varje gang :) Halsa Degermannarna nasta gang du traffar dem! saknar er alla. Hur ar det med Anna, kommit till ratta hemma? :) kram pa er <3

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