Rain rain go away

/ 2013-01-29 / 23:20:58

Pretty much every day when we get back from the field we're completely soaked. But yeah, what did I expect? It is after all the rainy season.
I thought I would give a light explanation of what I'm doing here in the rain.

I'm working as a field assistent to a phd-student and a diploma-student from Germany. They are studying the El Oro Parakeets and their breeding behaviour. Once a week we check all the artificial nestboxes that we've put up. There are 54 of them and in thursdays we check all of them in the North of the area and on friday all in the South. Two times a week we measure all the eggs and the chicks, att the moment we have 13 occupied nests. At some of the nests we have put up cameras so that we can see what's going on inside, these are powered with large batteries (8 kg) that has to be changed every third day. As a resultat of this we walk, a lot, and the terrain here isn't really easy to travel through. Most of the time we're walking straight up the mountains (or down) in mud, mud and more mud.
Today was a very longed for day off, every muscle in my legs is acheing. Tomorrow I'm hopefully well-rested and ready for another 6 days of fieldwork!

I'm throwing in a picture of one of the endless beautiful views I see every day.

The hummingbirds in the last post are a White-necked Jacobin (Florisuga mellivora) and a Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula).


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