First week in Palenque!

Allmänt / 2013-05-14 / 02:12:11
Hey everyone!
My first week in Mexico has been great! Except for the fact that it gets excruciatingly hot sometimes, this is a lovely place!
Early in the mornings we go to the ecopark to observe all the birds that have already been released (17), for example where they are sitting and flying and so on. In a flight cage in the park we have the next group of macaws that are going to be released sometime in July. They all have beak.markings, but not all of tose matches the ringnumber, so we have some sorting out to do. Later we're going to do a lot of behavior studies on them to make sure that they are all ready for life in freedom. After the release the macaws are still being fed every day in the release cage (which is also open for the birds to sleep in at night if they like) and in three trees in the park. This is a good way to make them stay close in the beginning, making it easier for us to observe them and make sure that they are adapting as they should. Eventually they will start to explore and disperse more and more and hang out by the release cage less and less. This approach is called a soft-release and it's the most succesful way to release parrots into the wild. In the beginning survival is much more important that complete independence!
One reason for my silence since I arrived in Palenque is that, due to previous incidents, we've all had to sign a confidentiality contract. I'm not completely certain at the moment exactly what that covers, but I promise that as soon as I got that sorted you'll drown in pictures of macaws! In the meantime I've got more than enough pictures from Ecuador to last me the summer.
For starters, this gorgeus Olive-striped Flycatcher. I've already showed you a picture of a juvenile, but this one here shows better why this was one of my favourite flycatchers :)


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