October - the birding month

Allmänt / 2013-10-07 / 12:59:00

Hey everyone!
I have just arrived back to Sweden after spending some days at the German island Helgoland with some birder friends. It's an amazing place that I would recommend anyone to go visit! Yellow-browed Warblers everywhere, literally! Some lifers for me were Mediterranean Gull, Firecrest (made my day when I found my own!) and Red-throated Pipit. One day we took the boat over to the second island, Düne, to search for a White's Thrush that had been sighted earlier that morning. Unfortunately we, like everyone else, were unsuccessful in this quest.

Something that makes the island even more spectacular is that it's the breeding ground for Northern Gannets. Even though I've handled countless of these beasts at the wildlife rescue-center Fågelcentralen it was very special to see them up close like this in the wild. Some pairs still had chicks, and even a few that were still covered in down. Really gorgeous birds!!

At the moment I'm on my way to Öland and Ottenby Bird Observatory for a few more weeks of birding and banding. This autumn has so far been quite amazing but also a bit stressful. Since leaving Mexico I haven't been in one place for more than a week! After Öland I will stay at home for four months, and hopefully have a payed job for most of that time. Then, in Mars, I'm finally going to Qatar!

Here is a picture of the beautiful Gannets :)

2013-10-07 / 17:11:40

Äntligen en uppdatering vill ha fler!!!!! <3 (Finally an update want more)

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