First chicks of the season

Allmänt / 2015-03-11 / 14:09:37
Yesterday Yu Jin and Zhang Peng found a new nest of Black-throated Tits (Aegithalos concinnus), and to their surprise it contained six tiny chicks! 

They are approximately 3 days old and if they survive we will band them on Tuesday next week, the day before I leave.

Most of the other birds are still laying or have just started incubating their eggs, so it will be two more weeks before the real baby-boom comes.

Every nest has it's own ID and information card, they are checked every two days and the card updated. My area is pretty small and more or less all nests have already been found, very rarely do I see birds that I don't already know which nest they belong to. So today I was happy to do some recordings of the nests with eggs that are being incubated, instead of simply wandering around looking for new pairs. I rig the camera and then wait at a great enough distance that the birds don't mind me, but close enough so that I can make sure that the camera isn't stolen. It's pretty tedious, but still nice to do something different!


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